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Subliminal Today



Price: $11.95-$14.95
Publisher: PsychWorks
Trading Since: 2009


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Backing Tracks

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Full backing tracks without loops, lowest compression, very principled and scientific approach


Very little to choose from, only two backing tracks to choose from, no sample

Bottom Line

Low range but good, credible offering

Posted August 12, 2012 by


This is one of the more recent sites and really has a good offer. Although every programme is unique with no overlaps like Subliminal MP3s, these are only 30 or so programmes currently available. This provider PsychWorks has really gone to down with the audio quality, with each 100MB file stretching to 50mins. Subliminal Today has not looped any of the backing tracks, so the Storm backing track literally feels like a storm is passing overhead.

Subliminal Today’s approach is very scientifically grounded, and you can see this by how the programmes are set up. They make it clear that they do not provide any “unethical programming” such as those designed to trick other people. They also don’t provide programming to do with pain relief.  

Everything about their offering is very psychology based, and feels far more professional & corporate than self-help products.

What makes Subliminal Today stand out in terms of credibility is that they have done well to link the scientific research to their programming approach, which is reassuring. The NLP is quite simple and straight forward, and the encoding is not as ‘buried’ as others you will find on the market.  Having trialled a programme, I noticed changes within a month, and was pretty impressed. All in all, the offering is very compelling, and it would be good to see more titles come out in future, because the range is a real let down.

Like the rest, there are a free programme on offer and a 60 day guarantee. There is no discount for multiple purchases, but loyal customers receive discount codes.




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    Byron Wick

    I recommend these guys. I haven’t stopped smoking yet but with their quit smoking track, I’ve cut down from a pack a day to 2. Wish me luck pplz.

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