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Review Natural Hypnosis
Review Natural Hypnosis


Hypnotist: Brennan Smith
Price: $14.97 | $ 19.97
Publisher: Natural Hypnosis
Trading since: 2011
Format: ,


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Good range, New recordings, Sample tracks are offered before you buy


A little pricey, Mailing list is quite spammy with e-mailing every fortnight or so


Natural Hypnosis is the out and out leader in a very full marketplace.

Posted July 16, 2012 by


Natural Hypnosis is the out and out leader in a very full marketplace. Relatively new on the self help scene, it already has a lot to offer. There is a huge range of programming and some of the best available. Natural Hypnosis the recommended purchase in this category with very good reason.

The tracks are simple and stripped back, without the usual strange stereo effects. The quality is still good, so the simple approach is not indicative of low production value.

This could be seen as a very “what you hear is what you get.”

Natural hypnosis uses NLP and and guided imagery to good effect, and those with a background in psychology will see how the elements are creatively woven in and around each objective. A lot of thought has gone into making this selection.

The hypnotist is a little younger than the usual older male voice once is accustomed to – but still engenders much trust.

The price is a little steep in this category but still nothing compared to what some hypnotists will charge. All in all this is the best well rounded offer available.






    Can anyone tell me how long these things take to work? Every site says something different! Also does anyone else have any experience with Natural Hypnosis before? Thanks xxxx Steph.


    It takes me about 6 weeks to feel any different – it depends on you and how often you listen

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