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Review of Hypnoshop
Review of Hypnoshop
Review of Hypnoshop


Hypnotist: Barrie St. John & Donna Lee
Price: £7.99 | £11.99 GBP
Publisher: New Way Productions
Trading since: 2002
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Great effects


Different programmes only offer one of the two hypnotists, this is a pity if you have a preference


Really good value for money, with good effects, well thought out NLP visualisations

Posted July 17, 2012 by

This is a really special offering.

The recordings aren’t the best fidelity; nonetheless they are still professionally recorded and boast some of the best effects.  The programmes employ a lot of stereo confusion techniques, and something akin to 3D audio.

The approach is thoughtful and focussed approach.

These programmes are highly recommended for those who do not have 50mins to an hour to listen to a hypnosis programme. The programmes are far shorter than what you may expect, typically only running a shade over 20mins. This does not mean that you’re being short changed. Most people will still experience quite a deep state in this short time, through the classic, but yet very powerful counting method of induction.  Following self-help hypnosis can be quite frustrating if one is able to remain in a deep state of relaxation for long periods of times. Some people can get build up a little anxiety and restlessness if an induction lasts too long, and this can be detrimental to the intended outcome. Hynoshop has taken the approach of producing far shorter programming, which do not require such time commitment, and therefore can be used more often, for better effects.

Recommended without reservation.




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    I really like hypnoshop the best out of all I have tried hands down

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