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EOC Institute

EOC Brain Entrainment Review
EOC Brain Entrainment Review
EOC Brain Entrainment Review


Price: $29.95-$39.95
Publisher: EOC Institute
Training Since: 2007
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Three variations of the track, extremely credible offering, rich complex recordings



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Best for those new to Brain Entrainment

Posted August 22, 2012 by


EOC Institute has created three super entrainment products.

Quality. Quality. Quality.

They contain the main entrainment techniques in one advanced complex recording. The presentation of what they are selling is very well explained and the site, despite looking a tad dated is actually extremely informative and would engender the trust of someone who is new to entrainment techniques. They have branded their offer “Equisync” which is a great name but it is unclear whether this is just a brand or an approach. If the latter, no real explanation is given of how this is positioned relative to the competition or what the additional benefits of Equisync are.

While superior recording quality is a minimum expectation in this field, but EOC Institute does stand apart here. The tracks also are quite well timed to be just over 20mins. It is at point of purchase, where you can expect a little confusion to set it, so read on:

The offering is simple and straight forward. There are three entrainments you can choose from:

  • Enlightenment — with a high concentration of alpha waves and low concentrations of theta and delta waves.
  • Balance — with a high concentration of theta waves and low concentrations of alpha and delta waves.
  • Ascension — with a high concentration of delta waves and low concentrations of alpha and theta wave

The choice is a difficult one, but one must remember that the EOC Institute has expressly designed these programmes for Meditation, so does this rules out the first of their programmes? Unless you expressly are thinking of using the programmes in two distinctively different settings, for example: study and sleep, then the very compelling up selling approach doesn’t make sense. It also gets very expensive relative to what else is out there in the market.

In the case of the Ascension programme, confusion will continue after the download, where three downloads are offered, instead of the one. One of the downloads is called Ascension, the other two have similar ethereal names (but are also Ascension). Here lies the rub, which I can reveal to you is a very nice surprise and a key USP.

The EOC Institute claims that individuals respond differently to the frequencies, so they have included two additional programmes. The frequencies used are ever so slightly different. You may well find one of the three working better than the rest. It’s up to you to experiment with each, finding the one that works for you the best. This is true, speaks to the credibility of the provider, and means that you are much likely to settle with one versatile 20 minute track that works very well for you. The price is a bit of a downer, but this is really a big redeeming factor. Deep entrainment needs a bit of practice, so if you’re looking for something like this, and you are a first time buyer, this is your stop.

This is the provider recommended for those new to brain entrainment.




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    What really stands out about EOC is the recording quality. You need good headphones to appreciate it, but even if you aren’t an audiophile – you can hear the difference.

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